Sherwani For Men

Pakistani Indian subcontinent is famous throughout the world for its colorful culture and spicy dishes. But one thing that makes it stand out among the comity of nations is its unique dressing patterns. The women’s saris and sherwanis for men are loved everywhere in the world. Pakistanis are generally seen wearing sherwanis at their weddings and it has almost become a norm now in the country to wear sherwanis at weddings. While the girls are seen wearing ‘colourful lehngas’ anarkali dresses and jewelry, boys are often seen wearing embroidered sherwanis and shalwar kameez.Sherwani is probably the most elegant dressing to be done by a man in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Sherwanis at weddings are a regular dress for the grooms at Pakistani and Indian weddings. Pakistani Sherwanis are famous throughout the world for their glittering colours and finest embroidery on them. Boys wearing turbans on their heads along with sherwanis is a familiar site at any Pakistani wedding.Veils folded on the shoulders, heads covered by the turban and velvet sherwani on, Pakistani groom looks like a Mughal king of the medieval era with all the splendor and luxury on both of his sides. The young sisters and cousins of the bride and the groom dancing around, make the scene look like that of a castle of the Persian kings with bondwomen ornamenting the castle. And what else would you call a person on his wedding day if not a king. That is his day.Pakistani sherwani has a class of its own because embroidery has always been an art that Arab, Indian and Persian Muslims have mastered through the centuries. The golden work along the collar of the sherwani looks brilliant and boasting while the Khussa (a kind of shoe) that he wears makes the boy wearing sherwani look even classier.

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